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Audience is as important in good website copywriting as it is in all professional writing, but who that audience is differs for the website copywriter ever so slightly.  In fact, there are two audiences: human visitors, and search engine robots. They both need words . . . . human visitors, to tell them about your product or your service; search engine robots, to discern how to index your site in their data bases.  The human visitors won’t find you if the search engines can’t, and that’s the point of the exercise.

iStock_000018775186XSmallThe primary purposes of good search engine optimization are:

1. To improve “organic” or natural rank position on the major search engines; and,

2. To decrease, and eventually eliminate, the need to rely upon paid Internet marketing (SEM) techniques such as cost-per-click to appear on the first page of results.

If your website isn’t selling as much as you want it to, the problem might be your content and not your product or price. Today’s metrics tools can measure the effectiveness of your web site copy as food for search engines, and measure your site performance to the person, to the penny.

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My Web Copywriting Primer presents the basics about search engine optimization, and will give you a solid foundation to build upon, either by yourself, or with my help.

I am Michael McGrath, and I’ve been writing website copy and creating online content for websites since 2003. During that time, I’ve produced copy and content for a goodly number of high volume e-commerce websites both in the United States and Ireland.  My work with them has helped them achieve top ten organic rank positions, and enjoy great successes with their online presence.

I offer a full range of website consulting services, including general copywriting assistance, Search Engine Optimization services and website analysis, and website development (anew, as well as face lifts) using a WordPress environment with thousands of themes and more than 15,000 plugins for custom functionality.  A full-scope Content Audit & Evaluation can be delivered in five (5) business days, and includes a written executive-style summary report and a recommended SEO strategy plan.

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